About Us

Infinium Polychem

Business environment keeps on changing under influence of technological innovations, market demand, statutory & regulatory requirements, etc.

It’s a challenge for business houses to accommodate and move ahead by dealing with such changes and stay in the race by sustaining or increasing their output to fulfil the demand of the market they are catering to.

Infinium Polychem helps its clients to take advantage of technological changes by developing and providing innovative solutions for their growth. Infinium Polychem continuously scan external environment changes that affects its customer. Inclination towards Research & Development mainly in the field of product innovation and application development is core strength of Infinium Polychem.

At Infinium Polychem we are committed to the growth of customer by providing them innovative products and process improvement solutions. Experienced team, knowledge base, use of technology and infra structure at Infinium Polychem are the foremost growth drivers. Infinium Polychem has well equipped analytical and application labs for textile, paper, food and adhesive industries. All innovations at Infinium Polychem are aimed at Customer Delight and green environment. We take utmost care while developing products that the use of our product does not harm environment in any ways.